jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

My Life

My name is: Paula Perez

My age is: Eighteen-years

My favorite Gift is a BlackBerry

My favorite Breakfast is arepa

I Study
Integral Education at Urbe

My favorite Activitie is Dance

In my bedroom there is a table, laptop, tv bed. There shoes, picture.

My favorite subjects are: English and Math

I live with my parents and brothers and sisters.


Chinese meals:


Miso soup, rice and a pickled vegetable.

- Lunch:

Quantities of rice, soy and tea.


Pasta and tea.

Meals Venezuelan:

- Breakfast:

Arepas and fried egg

- Lunch:

Pastiche and bread, tea.

- Dinner:

Bread with cheese and ham, juice.

Meals Argentina:

- Breakfast:

Burned and egg pies

- Lunch:

Beef and wine patero

- Dinner:

Fried Cakes.

lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010


- This is a flat screen TV, is modern.

- Used to view television program allows the fun and informative.

- This is a bed, very comfortable and large.

- In this we can rest

- This is tequeños, are delicious.

- Are an indispensable dish for the holidays

- This is a book and pen red.
- Used to take note from school activities.


1. What's electronic items do you have in your home? Make a list

- A Computer

- Two TV
- A Washer

- A Telephone

- A Toaster

2. What's is your favorite personal item? Why?

My favorite personal item is the Computer. Why? Because chat and I communicate with people are far from me. The computer allows me to work

3. What's is your favorite gift? Why?

My favorite Gift is telephone. Because my friends and family call my home without any problem.

domingo, 7 de febrero de 2010

Home of Blog

This is my new blog in English Level 1.My blog address is paulacarolinaperezrinconblogspot.com

My name is Paula Carolina Rincon Perez, 18 years old I am of the Cañada de Urdaneta. Currently the 5th quarter of study integral education at Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin. First-level course withthe English teacher Doris Molero. I like reading, listening to music, share with my family on weekends.
I approve this level with excellent canif, socialize with classmates and take significtivo learning at this level.